Town of Mount Croghan

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History of Mt. Croghan (3)


Mount Croghan was a growing farm town with eight to ten stores in the early 1900's. The Chesterfield and Lancaster Railroad, running south of Mount Croghan gave the transportation of merchant and farm goods.

The Mount Croghan Methodist Church was built in 1907 and still stands in its original site. It was derived from Antioch Church on the Hornsboro Road, which no longer stands.

Mount Croghan Baptist Church was derived from the Elizabeth Baptist Church. Mount Croghan Baptist met at the school until a building was erected in 1922.

A Charter of Corporation for the Town of Mount Croghan was applied for by a group of leading citizens on October 3, 1911. The declaration showed that there was a population of 150 inhabitants. The boundary lines of the town were set forth. The Secretary of State, R.M. McCrown, granted the Charter of Corporation. The Charter was written in his own handwriting. It was later recorded by him on May 28, 1914.

The year 1909 was a red-letter year for Mount Croghan. The people, believing that the greatest contribution to man was the school, believing that ‘Man cannot live by bread alone,’ realizing that an educated person is able to live with himself with a greater degree of satisfaction, and that intellectual maturity would lift them out of the provincial into something of the cosmopolitan and universal, erected a school. It was erected in 1912.

The Depression started in the late 1920's and lasted until the mid 1930's. Mount Croghan was no exception to this event.

The Mount Croghan Bank was the strongest bank in the county until it went broke during the Depression. Before the Depression, a dollar was worth $1.18, but during the Depression, its value decreased to 38 cents.

The Mount Croghan School gymnasium was built of white rock hauled in by citizens from the fields in 1932 and 1933. It was the first governmental project of its kind in South Carolina to be signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Mount Croghan burned a second time in on September 3, 1931. A whole block of five stores was destroyed including the mercantile establishments of Mr. Rufus Nicholson and Mr. Press Tucker, a vacant store owned by Mr. Tucker formerly occupied by the post office, the Baker and Rayfield Dry Goods Store and a vacant store owned by Mr. D. F. Nicholson. After burning down this time, the town never again regained its former prestige.

Mount Croghan began to lose its population in the 1950's with the increase in industry in nearby towns and the decrease of farming.

The population of Mount Croghan for the 2010 census was 195.

The town limits of Mount Croghan have a radius of one mile. Contained within the one mile radius are the business area, two churches and residential homes.

Mount Croghan is located ten miles east of the Town of Pageland and ten miles west of the Town of Chesterfield.

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